Tribute to the Hero of My Childhood

To the Heavens and Moon 1969: Returning to the Heavens with his passing August 25 2012.

I don't know much about the guy. All that I know is that he is the first man on the moon and (I guess) my first childhood hero. Neil Armstrong was an icon in 1969. Nevertheless, the impact he made to to mankind resounded till the early 90's. 

When I was a kid, I wanted to be like him. One time I remember, my pre-school teacher asked me what I want to be when  I grow up...I answered, "AN ASTRONAUT!" I wanted to be the first to put the Philippine flag on the moon. For me, Mr. Armstrong represents the childhood dreams of many people. 

When we were young, we always think that our "hero" is the greatest, the strongest, and the best. Maybe, there is still a piece of that childhood mentality to every grown-up  person. On August 25, 2012, Mr. Armstrong died and I felt a bit of disappointment. Maybe, at the back of my mind I still carry the idea that my "hero" is the best, the strongest, and it is just a disappointment to the child in me that my "superhero" just died. I guess that is the time when reality is setting back in. Reminding me that my hero Armstrong is not the same as my other heroes who are just a pigment of creative mind of comic artists. 

Real heroes die, heroes in comics doesn't. Superman is immortal, Mr. Armstrong is an 82 year old with a heart ailment. They both went to space, however, Mr. Armstrong is a real person and can be an inspiration to every kid that you don't need to become Superman to reach the moon. Thanks for the good memories Mr. Armstrong. 

Have a great journey back to the heavens. Go beyond the moon this time Sir.
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